Carien, our half-toothed wonder

Oh the joys.  Tonight Carien and her cousin Adriaan collided.  Ada received a bump on his head.  Carien cracked her front tooth in half.  It looks like two interlocking L’s.  She keeps on wiggling the back, loose part forward and back but it is definitely hurting.  She keeps on telling me that “oom Sejjit” (oom Gerrit, the paediatrician) must make her better.  My poor little baby.  I gave her some Panado and she is sleeping now.  We’ll see wat tomorrow brings.  And on Monday I will have to find a dentist willing to work on the most headstrong child ever.


4 Responses

  1. Oh gosh, that’s not a good one. Little man L had a loose front tooth from a fall ( but the whole tooth). Dentist said it will grow to fasten itself and it did.

  2. The joys of parenthood. Good luck at the dentist!

  3. Lol. Beslis jou kind daai. sterkte vir almal

  4. En toe? Hoe het dit met Oom Tandarts en Carien gegaan – vir wie moet ons empatie he?

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