From the mouths of my Wouters

Sometimes the best response I can give the men in my life is complete silence.

Case in point?  Wouter has this hugely annoying habit of diverting his phone or leaving it on silent.  No one can ever get hold of him on his cell phone.  Me included.  Sometimes it isn’t that much of a problem – he does phone back eventually.  Usually it makes me go from completely calm to raving mad within 2 attempts.

Last week we were in hospital when I noticed his phone lighting up, meaning that it is on silent and something is going on.  I tell Wouter who has a look and determines that he missed the call.

W:  (while putting down the phone)  I’ve had at least 60 phone calls today and I missed 2 more now.

S:  (irritated because he doesn’t look as if it bothers him)  So now you are going to ignore those two?  Very mature reasoning there.

W:  (self-congratulatory)  It is what any self-respecting adult ostrich would do.


This week I realised that Boeta is cut from the same cloth as his father.  He may be 4 but his mouth is at least 10 years older.  Boeta and Carien were screaming at each other.  Not screaming anything, just making noise.  After repeatedly asking, demanding and threatening for silence I lost my cool and lined them up in front of me.  It went like this.

S:  (making angry eyes)  Wouter en Carien, kyk vir my oë.  (Wouter and Carien, look at my eyes.)

Boeta and Carien look everywhere except at my eyes.

S:  Kyk.  Vir.  My.  Oë.  (Look.  At.  My.  Eyes.)

Carien squints from under her eyebrows while Boeta does saucer eyes at me.

S:  How many more times to I have to ask you to stop screaming?

Boeta:  (melodramatically frowns and scratches his head as he thinks it over)  Twee keer!  (Twice!)

Now I ask you.  What’s a mom to do?  😀


3 Responses

  1. Ag toggie, gewoonlik smelt my hart na so opmerking, tog so oulik, maar tog so “wise”. Ek troos my altyd so, omdat ek self al ‘n seuntjie verloor het, skree maar kinders, ten minste is julle by my en ten minste is jul gesond genoeg om lawaai te maak, hulle word so vinnig groot en dan wens mens hulle weer klein. Geniet die geraas, want as dit nie daar is nie, dan mis mens dit. Sterkte daar.

  2. Nie op sy bek geval nie, hoor! Baie oulik.

  3. Reminds me of the mom who asked her kids how many times their hamster would have died by now if she had not fed it… to which one answered “, once?”

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