Week 49 of 56

Woutertjie had his chemo for the week yesterday and was discharged this morning.  He got Vincristine, Actinomycin D and Cyclophosphamide.  The upside is that it is a short hospital stay (the longest wait is the 12 hours of hydration afterwards) and he doesn’t get that nauseous.  On the other hand it knocks his bone marrow flat, leading to low immunity, low platelets (bleeding risk) and low haemoglobin (anaemia).

Oh well.  We will deal with the hand we are dealt.

Carien seems to be doing better.  She still has 3 days of antibiotics and 10 days of nasal spray left.  But she complains less and doesn’t have fever.  She still covers her ears when there is lots of noise so I guess her ears are still quite sensitive.  But she is doing well.


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