To the driver of the brand new black GTi Golf, registration number CF46???

Maybe you shouldn’t have parked in the disabled bay in front of the local store and then walked in to get a newspaper.  But you did.

When Wouter confronted you about it, maybe you shouldn’t have answered “Who the f#ck cares about that?  I don’t care!”.  But you did.

When you saw me staring at you, maybe you shouldn’t have pulled faces at me.  But you did.

Maybe I shouldn’t have flipped you the bird.  But I did.

And it felt good.


7 Responses

  1. Good on you both!!!

    It is hard enough for people to gain access to these special spaces, more so when ignorant people choose to ignore the signs and the need for those signs.

  2. I love this. Next time – cell phone camera, photograph the number plate with the car showing adequately, and post the photo.

  3. LOL – my wife also gets all steamed up about this… dont sweat the lil things though..aint worth it

  4. I think parking in disabled bays is about the worst thing that anyone can do, I am so neurotic about it that I had a long chat with a car guard outside a local Woolies food store who told me I could park in a disabled bay because there was no other parking and it was late “and no one would want to use it” I think I was pretty gentle in explaining why I wouldn’t do it … I think that a great response is to have a grotty lipstick you really don’t like to leave a little message on the window (evil grin)

  5. Ooh, I like the lipstick idea…gotta few awful ones that would be just right. (equally evil grin)

    Suzanne, I salute you and Wouter. I get furious with those people too, but usually I’m too much of a coward to do anything more than glare at them.

  6. AH you both did well!

  7. Good for you! I love it. My pa is die afgelope paar maande in ‘n rolstoel en dit maak my woedend as ek iemand sien parkeer in daardie parkering wat nie daar hoort nie, maar ek is te veel van ‘n lafaard om iets te sê vir die oortreders.

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