I’ll post again tomorrow

We had a good weekend at Wouter’s parents.  It was restful and the children enjoyed it.

I am very emotional tonight – René, Winé’s mother, sent me this picture of Winé.  Throughout her battle Winé’s eyes always looked the same.  That shy, tender, innocent look.  Cancer takes a lot of things but Winé never allowed it to take who she was from her.

The funeral service for Willem and René’s angel child will be held on Wednesday, 20 January at 15:30 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Ashton.


5 Responses

  1. What a beautiful child. Those eyes of hers are so so gorgeous.
    I’m actually in tears here.

  2. Ah man, life is so unfair!

  3. Sterkte aan die familie. Ons dink elke dag aan julle.

  4. What a beautiful, beautiful picture!!! It is so sad to know that her family will not see her smiling like that again!!! Her family is in my prayers (and in my “support group”‘s prayers)

  5. Om te dink, daardie pragtige oë sien nou vir Jesus!

    Maar ek weet ook, dat hoewel dié wete ons as gelowiges versekering bied, bly die treurpad se loop oneiendig seer, en smartlike harde werk.

    Ons Vader SAL hulle dra.

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