I am in my children’s bad books – for doing good

There are perks to knowing many doctors.  And knowing them very well.  Our GP was fully booked today and couldn’t see Carien.  So I phoned Gerrit.  What are the odds that I would get an appointment with a paediatrician if I couldn’t get in at the GP?  If you are us, 100%!

Carien was so excited about going to “oom Sejjit” (oom Gerrit / uncle Gerrit) but did make it clear that he wasn’t allowed to hurt her.  I suspect getting a drip put up left a mark.  After lots of reassurance she agreed that he could look into her ears with his “glitsie” (flitsie / little torch).  And then she ran to the bakkie* to go visit the doctor.  Woutertjie refused to stay with my folks when he heard we were going to Gerrit so he and his mask went with.  My children just aren’t normal! 😀

Both Carien’s ears are filled with fluid but not yet inflamed.  Her throat is inflamed however.  The bad mommy didn’t pick up on that one…  We left with antibiotics for her throat, nasal spray to clear her Eustachian tubes so that the fluid can drain and the pressure in her ears can lessen, and a special Doctor Plaster (normal Elastoplast but provided and expertly applied by Gerrit) on a scrape on her leg.  She’s been telling everyone about her Doctor Plaster.

She was very eager to drink her antibiotics (that is a welcome change) but when I sprayed her nose she went ballistic.  She was screaming that it made her sick and that it hurt and put up quite a scene.  I can still remember how much I hated (and still hate) nasal sprays so I really feel for her.  Woutertjie amazed us.  He became extremely aggressive and with a unashamedly challenging stance told me to stop hurting his sister.  He was so upset that he cried.  My brave little boy.  I love him so much.


*To the non-South Africans.  A bakkie is a pick-up truck.  Wouter drives a double-cab Isuzu but today I drove it because my dear husband hijacked my car.  😉  A visiting German client (or something) of their’s needs a car for the next 2 weeks and mine was co-opted.  It is automatic and when you are a German who has to drive on the wrong side of the road (obviously the left side is the right side) it helps if you can drive an automatic German car.  Or so I was told.  By my husband.  Whom I love very dearly.  Obviously he would tell the truth, right?


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