Who wants to hop on the guilt train with me?

I am a bad, bad, bad mommy.

For the last 2 weeks or so (or more, or less – I can’t remember) Carien burst into tears as soon as she heard a loud sound or a high pitched sound or a deep sound or the sound of someone telling her that she couldn’t get what she wanted.  She would cry crocodile tears and proclaim “Jy jaas by my oje!”  (jy raas by my ore / you’re making noise at my ears).  But she had no fever or any other sign of ear infection so originally I chalked it up to her drama queen-lyness.  When she started to hold her own ears as she fell asleep I wondered some more and I asked Annelize (play therapist) how to find out if it was just her new “thing” or if she really had a problem.  I was thinking that her hearing may be very sentitive.

Today was a record hot one in Cape Town.  OK, I don’t know if it really was a record but it was hot.  Depending on who you ask and where in the city you measured it was between 40 and 44 degrees Celsius.  That is hot.  As we started cooling off I realised that Carien was warmer than she should’ve been.  She’s been difficult the whole day but I thought she was just hot.  I know I was.  Turns out she is running a fever of 38C and I gave her some Ponstan.  As she started feeling better she walked around with her hands over her ears all the time (she’s never done that before) and asked that I feed her because her ears hurt and she’s got to hold them.

I’ve asked her before if her ears hurt (and her arms and her tummy and her foot – to make sure everything isn’t hurting – she loooooves attention ;-D ) and she said it didn’t.  Tonight she told me that nothing else hurt, only her ears.  So we will be off to have her seen to tomorrow as early as possible.  My poor baby.


4 Responses

  1. I think there will be more passengers on the guilt train than on the gravy train!!! My youngest is about Carien’s age and I also do not pay attention to drama queen acts like that immediately as they are throwing lots of tantrums and just looooovvvveeee attention! Hope it is not too serious and that she will feel better soon.

  2. here’s another mom to hop on! By the time I got my usually-sunny-15 month old to the doctor 2 weeks ago she could hear anything anymore because her ears were so blocked up with infection, she had bronchitis and a blocked nose…
    I also managed to misdiagnose tonsilitis as jet lag after bringing Dan back from Austrlia when he was one year old. Don’t feel bad- kids are tougher than we are quite often!
    Dan is usually moody and cries when he wakes up. I got quite frustrated with the situation until Morne told me he feels just like Dan, he just doesn’t cry 🙂

  3. Even aunties suffer from that one. I tended to dismiss most of my nephews’ theatrics up to general sissiness, since they used to cry at things I most certainly did not – what with having only male cousins to play with and NOT wanting to be the crybaby girl. But every once in a while they would actually BE ill or hurt, and man, did I feel a fool. And a guilty fool at that…

  4. ag nou ja – maak maar vir my ook ‘n plekkie ope trein….. Lyndalize het so maand terug gillend en huilend wakker geword – anders as die gewone glimlaggies 🙂 – en terwyl mamma haar brandboudjies belowe het op 3mnde ouderdom….se my buurvrou ewe kalm – kyk sy het krampe, haar beentjies trek elke keer op as sy gil of huil…. Mmm….. Nou weet ek ook 😉 ons leer maar soos die tyd aanstap – hopelik vinnig genoeg!!

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