Happy birthday …

… dear Broviac, happy birthday to you.

Yes, today it is a year since Boeta’s Broviac was inserted.  That is a long time for a Broviac to last.  Most of the other kids at Panorama have had their’s replaced already and here Woutertjie is, the first to get it and still going strong.

A year ago Wouter was called aside by the doctors to explain to him that:

1.  If the Broviac didn’t get inserted, Woutertjie wouldn’t get chemo and he would die.

2.  Since Woutertjie had a tumour in his heart the anaesthetic (and the whole operation) was extremely high risk.  If something went wrong, Woutertjie could die.

3.  Even if he got the chemo, he probably still would die so please sign the forms to start the operation.

Surgeons should only ever be in contact with people who are doped up.  As a rule they have the bedside manner of a half-brick.  They call it “informed consent”.

Either way, Woutertjie came through the operation with flying colours.  Most of it due to the hundreds of prayers that went our for him that evening, I’m sure.

He is now so attached to that Broviac that I dread the day that it would be time to remove it!

I took Woutertjie for blood tests today.  Even though he started bruising excessively over the past day or so his platelets have spiked to 123.  His Hb dropped a bit more to 7.3 – if it wasn’t that he was just plain tired and moody and miserable he could’ve done without a transfusion.  But I pushed for him to get red cells.  It can only do me well. 😉

Incidently, today a year ago Woutertjie also got blood in preparation of his operation.  I only remembered that now.  I should go and count how many transfusions he has had in this time.  I suspect it will be shockingly many!

I also realised today that the 11th of January 2009 was the last day that we got bad news.  From there on onwards every day got better.  We’ve been so blessed.


5 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Broviac 😀

    Give Woutertjie a big kiss for being so brave xxx

  2. So glad that you can look forward positively.

  3. I used to donate blood on and off since I turned 17. Intellectually I knew I was helping someone out there, but it was only when I read how many times transfusions have been required for Woutertjie that I truely realised the difference I could make. I have started donating blood again in earnest last year, and I hope there are many of you out there doing the same. Half an hour of your time and a pint of blood, et voila, you’re saving a life. Hero stuff!

    Suzanne, mag al die nuus verder net goed wees.

    Oe, en tannie Susan se CD is pragtig. Jy praat my ook daarin om al wat ‘n cd is te koop…het al 2 van Lize Beekman aangeskaf en geen oomblik spyt nie. Soek nou die res. mooi jaar vriendin.

  4. Ek hoop die bloed wat Woutertjie gekry het help darem!

    Onthou ek is net ‘n oproep ver!

  5. So happy that you have come so far. Blessings for the year ahead!

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