Do your children have germs? No, they are washing it off in the bath now.

Woutertjie is seriously immune-compromised at the moment.  He has to stay away from germs.  There is no way that I would take him anywhere … except another onco-family.  Living with immunity issues has a way of concentrating the mind.  When we say our families aren’t sick we mean it.

I’ve had Deirdre’s (Ethan’s mom) camera for a while.  I downloaded pics and just never got round to return it.  Typical Suzanne behaviour.  Either way, by late this afternoon it became clear that the only way Woutertjie wouldn’t break a bone today would be to get him into the car and away from home.  He has been completely hyper – totally strange for his Hb levels.

I phoned Deirdre to find out if they were home so that we could return the camera.  They were and they were braai-ing and invited us to join.  Now when I say invite, I mean invite Deirdre style.  It is more of a command.

S:  OK, but Boeta’s white cell count is 1.2.  Are your children healthy?  Do they have germs?

D:  They are in the bath now.  After this the germs will all be washed off.

Now isn’t that good thinking? 😀

I took it to mean that they aren’t sick, just boys.  So we went to their house, had supper and a good visit.  Ethan is 6, with an older (Ewan, 9) and a younger (Declan, 3) brother.  Woutertjie and Ethan are very fond of each other and our only problem was to get Boeta out of there to go home.  Let’s just say that his Hb is very, very low… 

Boeta was crying most of the way home.  Not a tantrum cry.  A really sad, heartbroken cry.  It took a while to calm him down.  I am taking him for blood tests tomorrow.  He is suddenly scarily pale and has started bruising.  We suspect that he will get red cells and platelets tomorrow.  Anyone want to bet against me?  I wouldn’t.


5 Responses

  1. Poor Boeta. At least he will feel better once he gets his top-up. But then you will have a child full of HB but not able to go anywhere much because of his immune system. We have been there too…a wild child with nowhere to go…!

  2. Hi,
    Sorry to hear… You all are so brave!

    Thinking of you – I wish I could do more.

    Lots of love

  3. Hang in there…I wish I could help somehow.

    My kids have loads of germs, they play in the muck, they have a pet kitten and dust balls under the bed. I guess I’m fortunate to have two healthy girls who’s immune systems are strong and well-developed. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

    Perhaps a Dust Butter for those dust balls under the bed?

  4. Um, I consider myself persuasive rather than commanding!

  5. We agree, we agree, we agree…..plse we agree!

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