We were planning to go to Wouter’s folks this weekend.  Not anymore.

Woutertjie’s blood results are

Hb (should be 11 – 15)  7.6

platelets (should be 100 – 400)  32 – less than 50 is a bleeding risk

white cells (should be 5 – 15)   1.2

of which neutrofils 0.45

What this means is that Woutertjie should be very tired because he has very little oxygen carrying haemoglobin.  He could start bleeding because his platelets are very low.  And he has very little immunity.

So we are staying home, close to the hospital and we will be doing frequent bruise checks.


One Response

  1. Ai, en ek is seker die breuk sou julle so goed gedoen het.

    Sterkte jy!!!!

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