Winé update

I’ve been putting off writing this update. 

Winé is 12 years old and has brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforma.  Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation couldn’t stop it growing and the doctors couldn’t do anything more for her.  She was sent home but Cristina (oncologist) decided to put her on some new chemo to see if it might work.

For a while it seemed like Winé was stronger but she’s been getting weaker lately.  Yesterday she had another MRI.  Although bits of the tumour shrunk, more of it grew.  They went home (Robertson) to wait for the brain surgeons to decide if they were going to operate to relieve the pressure on her brain – not as a cure; just to make her more comfortable.

This morning her mother, René, let me know that they were driving back to Cape Town because Winé wouldn’t wake up. 

The surgeon is waiting for another doctor’s opinion but feels like operating on her isn’t the way to go.  She is very weak.  René says they told her that Winé is starting to slip into a coma.  She still has clear moments though.  When I left today I kissed her and told her goodbye and she replied “totsiens tannie!”.

They are staying in hospital tonight and will probably go home tomorrow.  They want to go home to the farm and spend as much time together as possible. 

What is extremely humbling is Willem and René’s unwavering faith.  They are an example to everyone and certainly to me.  Medically speaking there is nothing that can be done for Winé, but God isn’t limited to what doctors say.  Please pray for this family.  For miraculous healing for Winé, for strength for her parents, brother and other loved ones, for wisdom for the doctors and for the peace that can only be found with our Lord to envelop everyone involved in this struggle.


Most times when Winé has been in hospital I brought her biltong.  She loooooves biltong.  Yesterday I sat with her while her parents and the doctor discussed the scan results.  As I walked into her room I remembered that I forgot to bring her biltong and I said so.  She responded cheerily and cheekily “Ag nee tannie!” (oh no!).  I love this child so much.


5 Responses

  1. Goodness me, that’s so sad 😦 Hope they find their miracle

  2. Ons bid heeltyd saam met julle

  3. Dit breek my hart om te lees oor Wine!! Al ken ek haar nie het ek altyd by jou gehoor hoe dit met haar gaan. Stuur asb baie liefde vir haar (as jy haar weer by haar is) en haar ouers. Ek het nou net vir my “support groepie” ‘n boodskappie gestuur om vir hulle te bid…vir ‘n wonderwerk en vir vrede in hulle harte!!!

  4. So darn sad …makes my heart break

  5. Jy’s ons “ander” kind!!! Daar’s nie ‘n dag wat jy nie in ons gedagtes en gebede is nie!!!
    Ons sal nooit ophou bid vir jou nie!!
    So lief vir jou.

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