Today a year ago (again)

Today is my father-in-law’s birthday.  Happy birthday Oupa Skippie!

Today it is also a year since I sat next to Woutertjie while the paediatric cardiologist took a look at him.  Dr Joan Hunter did a heart sonar (ECHO) and there, clear as day, was this big white blob in his heart.  While his heart beat and moved this blob stayed exactly where it was.  It looked ominous and it was.  It looked evil.  And it was.

After the scan on the 16th of March she saw him again and gave me the before and after sonar photos as “proof of our miracle”.

When Boeta went for another ECHO about 2 months ago Dr Hunter admitted that she never expected to see him again.

God is great.


2 Responses

  1. WAT ‘n God is Hy nie!! Hoe kan enige een Sy bestaan ontken?!

    Saam met julle loof ek Hom vir Sy wonderwerkende krag in klein Wouter se lewe.

  2. God certainly is 🙂

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