The start of the new

2009 is a thing of the past.  I have a choice of posts to post.  I could do the deep, reflective post or I can do the optimisitic, looking forward to the year post.  So I am going to choose the third option and just act as if the first of January 2010 is like just every other day.

Hey, this is my blog.  I can do that.

A lot of Carien’s clothes were passed on from Tatiana‘s daughters.  And a lot of it is really girly.  Since Carien is the ultimate girly girl it caught us by surprise when she turned out to also be a nudist at heart.  Given a choice she would much rather wear nothing than anything normal.

Evidence, you ask?  Hah!  This was taken on Sunday.

I added the skirt.  She is wearing a pair of Woutertjie’s underpants under it.

This morning our little drama queen waltzed into our room wearing the fluffy waistcoat and her charming personality.  Nothing more, but fortunately nothing less either.

2 minutes later she returned without the waistcoat.

S:  Waar is jou baadjie?  (Where is your coat?)

C: (frowning, as if stating the obvious)  Ek kry nou warm.  (I am hot now.)

Riiiiight.  Bare ass naked at 7 in the morning.  Hmmm.


4 Responses


  2. Oh man, that is so cute!

  3. Sterkte!! Myne is 4,5jaar en verkies nogsteeds om kaalboude te loop. Winter en somer!!!

  4. Kan sien sy aard na haar tannie! 🙂 Shake what your momma gave ya!

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