23 December 2008

Today a year ago Wouter and I went to the gym for an early morning workout before leaving to go to his parents in Pringle Bay.  The kids went with.  Boeta was 3 years old and Carien was 1.  Lynn, the personal trainer, gave me a sparkly tea cup with “Drama Queen” written across it.  Boeta was nauseous although he didn’t vomit and I decided to take him to the GP before we left just in case he caught the gastro that was doing the rounds.

Dr Kuhn felt Boeta’s tummy and called his partner who did the same.  He then phoned Dr Etienne Bruwer (paediatrician) at Durbanville MediClinic and made an appointment for the afternoon.  Etienne took one look and sent Boeta for a sonar, that showed a “mass behind the liver”.  If we were medically trained we would’ve realised right there that it was cancer.  All the medical staff did.  Ettienne asked for a CT scan but Boeta responded badly to the Dormicum and they decided to do it the next day under general anaesthetic.

Wouter and Boeta spent the night in hospital.  Boeta had his second* ever drip inserted and thought lying in bed watching movies was a fabulous way of spending time.  I was completely relaxed and actually a bit amused by how overboard they were going.  I mean really.  Here is a perfectly healthy child with a bit of a tummy bug.  How bad could it be?



Flash forward.  23 December 2009.

I spoke to Enrico’s mom today.  I told you that he has was clear of neuroblastoma and then that he relapsed.  And I told you that he was responding well to treatment. 

Johanetta says they did a sonar on Enrico and the new tumour hasn’t just shrunk, it is GONE.  There is no trace of it.  Praise our Lord of miracles and healing! 



*His first drip was when he was 5 weeks old and started dehydrating after catching some tummy bug.   We stayed in Panorama’s paediatrics ward for one night.


2 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas to you all!

  2. I have been thinking of your family and the past year and am overwhelmed by the journey that was planned for all of you and with how much grace you’ve walked it. Hope you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas!

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