Things you should never do

In October last year I decided to take charge of my health and weight and everything else*.  I joined the gym, but knowing myself I realised that I would never go if there wasn’t something or someone forcing me to go.  So I signed up with a personal trainer.  I’m still trying to figure out why I hate myself that much.  Because getting involved with a PT spells pain.  Lots of it.

Case in point.  I was supposed to see Lynn tomorrow at 09:00.  Earlier tonight my phone beeped.

Lynn:  Change of plan.  See you at 08:00 tomorrow.

S: <sticking out my tongue at you>

Lynn:  I’ll sort you out tomorrow. 😉

I am petrified.  Thou shalt never ever ever backchat thy personal trainer.  Never.  It leads to sweat and pain and torture.  Ouch in advance.


*Since 2009 blind-sided us in a big way and I ended up sitting in hospital all the time, my plan didn’t work out as well as I thought it would.

Originally my aim was to loose weight during 2009.

That didn’t happen so I reset my goal.

Plan B was that I wouldn’t gain weight during 2009.

That one didn’t stand the test of time either.  So I decided to set achievable goals. 

My final goal for 2009 is to weigh less than 300kg by the end of the year.  So far I am doing well.  *evil grin*


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  1. Hi …I just remembered today is 1 year in. Time flies. Best wishes and a blessed Christmas to you and family.


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