Yap me! Yap me!!

Yes, Carien started committing* English as well.  The up side is that she is only 2 years and 4 months and is already starting the journey toward bilingualism.  The down side?  She is learning from Woutertjie who, at 4 years and 8 months, learned English phonetically and sports a mixed American (Mickey Mouse), British (Thomas the Tank Engine) and Welsh (Fireman Sam) accent.  I am going to be kind and call it an interesting situation. 

At this exact point in time (17:44 on Saturday the 19th of December, 2009) the two of them are wrestling on top of Wouter and Carien is calling “yap me, yap me” (help me, help me) but isn’t actually calling for help.  I’m not sure what she wants – but I don’t think she knows either. 

I am so proud of our little lady.  She is 99% potty trained and she did most of it by herself.  I’d say my mom did 49% of the work and Carien did 50%.  I didn’t do anything.  I was in hospital when all of this happened.  But Carien was ready and my mom went for it.

After the wrestling she announced that she had to go and wee, went to the bathroom and did her thing all by herself.  And then she went to her room and got a clean pair of trousers even though her clothes were still clean.  Not panties though.  Go figure.

Woutertjie still doesn’t dress himself if he doesn’t absolutely have to.  We dress him, undress him and wipe his bum.  He doesn’t even comb his own hair.  Which makes it a good thing that he doesn’t have any, né?  (né is an Afrikaans word meaning “right” – pronounced neh)

Carien on the other hand wants to do everything by herself.  She wants to pick her own clothes and put it on.  She wants to comb her own hair and expects everyone to lie and tell her that it looks beautiful.  And we do. 

I can’t believe how much two children with the same parents and raised in the same home can be different from each other.  Woutertjie rarely cries (except when his Hb is low – then all bets are off) whereas Carien opens the waterworks for any and all reasons.  And usually for no reason.  She is such a little madam.

And she is busy putting on make-up using white board marker.  Excuse me please.  I have rescuing to do…

*What she does to the language can’t be considered “speaking” by anyone.  She makes a lost Chinese tourist with a phrase book seem a master of the Queen’s language.


4 Responses

  1. My Caitlin is the same. From 1 year old she wanted to do everything herself – “self doen!”. I may not choose her clothes – if I do then they are “dom” (stupid). Whereas the boys couldn’t care less about getting dressed, brushing hair, etc. It’s obviously a girl thing and it just gets worse, but it’s so cute!

  2. Woohoo to Carien and independant females 🙂

  3. Hello Everyone
    Just wanted to pop past and see how you all are? Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the very very best for 2010 – full of health and laugther and love and happiness! God bless and continue His miracle on Wouter! God Bless, love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan Higgins

  4. Hi Suzanne. Mag jul ‘n wonderlike Kersfees he en ek hoop en bid met my hele hart vir ‘n GESONDE 2010 vir julle! Groete Tania

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