Time out

I’ve been trying since Saturday to write an update about the chemo party but I just can’t.  I am tired.  So very tired.  So I am going to stop feeling guilty and just let it go for a couple of days.  I promise I will update about it soon.

Tomorrow Debbie is working her last day at Panorama.  They are moving to Kirkwood, right at the other end of the country.  My heart is broken.  Debbie is one of a kind.  She is a mother to all the children in her care.  She started working with Woutertjie on the 26th of December 2008.  She’s been with us all the way through the good and the bad.  She laughed with me, she cried with me.  She is a friend to me.  And I will miss her so much.


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  1. hi,ek lees elke dag die site . Ek het by Triens Dowman van julle gehoor. Ek weet nie of jy haar onthou nie,sy’s Duran(hy’t ook kanker gehad,is sedert Okt ’09 skoon) se ouma.
    In elk geval sy vra elke dag vir my hoe dit met julle gaan en dan wil sy ook graag weet hoe dit met Enrico gaan? Jy weet nie dalk of hulle ook ‘n website het waar ek kan gaan kyk nie ?
    Ek hoop julle het ‘n rustige Kersvakansie en dat julle dit by die huis kan deurbring.

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