Why does everything always happen at the same time???

Today my father turns 61 – happy happy!  May it be a wonderful year!

 I had my end-of-year function (I was invited even though I didn’t spend a single day at work this year – I was on the books so I counted 😉 ).  Lunch at the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay.  Tonight we had Wouter’s Christmas function.  A family braai at Pearl Valley near Franschhoek.  I traveled a lot today.

Tomorrow is the chemo party.  We are inviting all the chemo kids and their families as well as the nurses, doctors, dietician, our CANSA (Cancer Association) volunteers and their families.  About 70 people in total.  And Deirdre (Ethan’s mom) and I only decided to arrange the party 10 days ago.  We should really start thinking before we decide to do things.  And we should really keep our mouths shut in the 5 minutes following our rash decisions.  But us being us, we already invited 80% of our guests by that time…  *shakes head*

Added to the short notice woe, Deirdre had her wisdom teeth removed last week but following complications she had to have a second operation yesterday.  My partner in hare-brained ideas is out of action.  On the plus side, without us egging each other on we may just manage to pull the party off.  I will let you know what happened.  But you know that, right?

2 Responses

  1. ja nee dit klink soos my vriendin Suzanne. dis hoekom ons so goed klaar gekom het… voëls van eenderse vere, dink altyd eers na ons begin praat het. giegiegie.

    hoop julle genie die partytjie verskriklik baie.

  2. Heeehaaaa! And what a party it turned out to be!

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