Children. You can’t take them anywhere!

I had such a laugh today.  Cristina did her ward rounds and got to Enrico’s room.

C: (to Enrico’s father) Has Gerrit done his rounds yet?

Enrico: (from the side) Yes he was here.  But he just walked in and tickled me and then he was out of here again.

And here I though Boeta was the only one with too much to say…

Enrico is doing so well.  After he relapsed he started with chemo again and after just one cycle the tumour shrunk to just about nothing.  Another miracle!  He is still stuggling with severe diarrhoea after his tumour removal operation.  Please join us in our prayers for his health and praise for how far he has come.


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  1. Such good news about Enrico. God is good 🙂

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