Carientjie Maryna

If you ever doubted whether giving two names was a good idea, let me clear it up for you right now:  It is the best child-rearing tool ever.

Woutertjie and Carien (and for that matter, Wouter and I) all have two names. 

Boeta is Wouter Daniel.  As you probably guessed, “Wouter” runs in the family.  Boeta is Wouter, son of Wouter, son of Wouter.  And that is only the living Wouters.  The Daniel is from my grandfather – Boeta was his first great grandson after he had 4 great granddaughters already. 

Carien (cah-REEN) gets her name from my mother’s Catherina.  Maryna (mah-RAIN-ah) is another of the family names on my mom’s side.

Usually, when everyone is on best behaviour, Woutertjie is called Boeta or Wouterman or Woutertjie, and Carien is Sussie (SUH-see – little sister) or Carien.  When they are pushing their luck it becomes “Wouter” and “Carien”.  But when they are on thin ice with a blowtorch in the hand it is “Wouter Daniel” and “Carien Maryna”.  And then they know they are rollerblading on the edge of a volcano. It is amazing how quickly hearing their full names growled at them changes their attitudes. 

But then you get the teasing names.  The names I call them while they are hiding and I threaten to tickle them once I find them.  Carientjie Maryna and Woutertjie Daniel love being called that.

Enough of that.

This morning Carientjie Maryna took adorable to the next level.  She has this way of screaming “los my UIT!” (leave me alone!) at whoever rubs her the wrong way.  But she met her match when she saw Gertrude (my mom’s everything 😉 ).  In a reversal of their usual early-morning exchange Gertrude greeted Carien with “los my UIT!”  Carien was shocked out of her training pants.  So she promptly hit back with a “los my UIT” of her own.  And then she ran away.  A sure way of ending the argument.  Gertrude and I were crying with laughter.

Late afternoon I asked if she wanted to go and visit someone.  She promptly responded by telling me: “Nee.  Ekke my huis bly.  Dewalt bloedtellings.  Dewalt tieme.” (No.  I stay my house.  Dewalt (their cousin) blood counts.  Dewalt germs.)  The germs discussion was accompanied by the most disgusted face she could muster. 

Not only does my 4 year old tell the doctors how to do their jobs, now my 2 year old knows that blood counts and germs go together and that it is a good reason to stay home.  What is the world coming to? 😀


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  1. ai, vrou, jy moes ‘n skrywer geword het! jou beskrywings is absoluut histeries. Viva Douglas Adams, Viva Terry Pratchett, Viva Suzanne Grové, Viva!

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