Counting the sleeps

Remember how you counted sleeps until something big happened.  These days I am counting the number of times that I go to sleep in one night. 

Woutertjie’s feeding bags are 500ml and that isn’t enough to last the whole night.  So the first night I put up a new one and then have to go and change it at 04:00.  The leftovers of the second bag I then keep until the next night.  So the second night we start off with a half full bag and I have to change it at 01:00. 

Add to that Carien who sleeps with us.  In our bed.  And who does a parent check a couple of times a night.  She has a very specific way of making sure that she is still the centre of our attention – she stirs, moans, waits for both of us to make some noise and then plonks her legs and arms on top of us. 

I try not to sleep during the day – I am a night person naturally and if I slept during the day I only go to bed the next day, if you know what I mean. 😉 This afternoon I decided to join the kids for a nap.  I lay down at 12:00 and eventually got up at 14:00.  In those 2 hours I got 7 phone calls.  Yes, seven.  And every single one was important.  There are days that I don’t get a single call and now 7 just as I wanted to sleep.  Murphy is a …  …  …  … nasty person.


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  1. Lol I’m sorry Suzanne! You should have told me that you were sleeping! Hahaha

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