(kilojoules in) – (kilojoules out) = (kilograms gained)

That is the equation.  It is so easy.  Make sure more energy goes into the system than gets used up by the system and voila!  weight is gained. 

In Woutertjie’s case the equation gets a bit more complicated.  When he was undernourished he felt weak and kept still.  Now that he gets 60ml of meal replacement every hour that he sleeps he spends every waking hour running around and getting rid of all his energy.  And with Carien around he never sits down.  So the equation changes to

[(kJ in) – (kJout)] / [(increase in perceived energy levels) * (combined age of siblings)] = x

Where x = 0 at the moment. 

Even with all the extra feeds he isn’t gaining any weight the last couple of days.  He hit 16kg by the weekend and now he plays the energy off faster than it can reach his boney behind and pad his bottom a bit.  Having him sit on my lap is quite sore!  But we are working on it.

To answer many people’s question, while he has the nasogastric tube (NGT) he can eat, drink and vomit like normal.  And he is eating us out of our house, savings and retirement funds.  He is like a caterpillar – anything he can lay his hands on lands in his tummy.  I suspect the nightly feedings have stretched his tummy sufficiently to allow proper eating again.  I like it. 😀

Edited to add:  I forgot to tell you that we are having an extra rest week.  Woutertjie’s neutrophils are 0.3 and he needs to have more of them and more weight before we continue.  So on Monday we will hit week 43.


2 Responses

  1. klink of jy ‘n woelige kleuter op hande het. verskoning. 2 woelige kleuters. Giegie, die vreugdes van ma-skap. geniet. 🙂

  2. Ek’s bly om te hoor jy’t jou rusper terug gekry! 🙂 al is dit nou n “willie-stil-sit” rusper!

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