We. Are. Home.

I thought it warranted 3 seperate words.

I woke up at 06:00 this morning (as usual – Carien isn’t a good bed partner) and then stayed in bed until 08:00.  Wherupon I got ready, dropped Carien at my parents’ and went for a 4 hour pamper session courtesy of Wouter’s family.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It was fa–bu–lous.

After finally finishing I went to hospital where Wouter’s mom (ouma Skattie) kept Boeta company.  Like usual things didn’t work out exactly as planned.  I thought we would be on our way as soon as I arrived but in the end we only got away at 18:30.  We had to wait for them to arrange a pump for Boeta’s naso-gastric feeds.

Boeta is looking so much better already.  It is amazing what a couple of kilojoules in the stomach and a bit of freedom can do.  Wouter and I are a bit shell shocked.  Our medical aid (Discovery), that until now paid for almost everything, doesn’t pay for home-feeds.  We had to cough up R2800.30 (about $450?) on the spot before the order was placed.  Fortunately the hospital’s dietician, Diane Ivison, arranged everything and we just had to pay, we didn’t have to source etc.  That helps.  A lot.

Either way, now I have to go and connect Boeta to his food.  Wish me luck.


6 Responses

  1. good luck indeed. hoop julle kan ‘n rukkie rustig by die huis wees.

  2. Sterkte Suzanne

  3. Dis so crappy van Discovery! Bly julle is tuis!

  4. I have been, as the Bible instructs, praying without ceasing. Your child is so on my mind and I pray for him every day. Cancer has hit my own family twice, so I have some idea of the journey, although each journey is very different. Please update us when you can about his progress. And happy to hear you took some deserved time out!

  5. May it be a long and happy stay at home for a while.
    I’m glad he’s looking better with a bit of food in him.

  6. Its amazing what a bit of food can do when it stays in. Can he still vomit with this TPN ?

    Set the pump to double time so he can fill out nicely 🙂

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