I can hear my child screaming and I can’t do anything to help

They are busy putting in a naso-gastric tube.  Boeta hasn’t been gaining any weight and he needs to get supplemental feeds through the nose tube.  Gerrit prescribed chlorohydrate but Woutertjie vomited it all up.  Now he is doped up with Dormicum.  At least he won’t remember the trauma but I can hear him screaming in his room.

And it is just killing me.


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  1. When Bianca got hers it was one of the worst days of my life. We ended up having to replace it 4 times. Once it was in, it took a lot of the pressure off because we didn’t have to beg her to eat all the time, but that getting it in is just so incredibly challenging!!!! Hugs and prayers!!!!!

  2. *hugs* HUGE BIG FAT HUGS. For you. Because you’re the mom, which makes this worse for you than for anyone else.
    Thinking of you today and wishing for brighter, happier skies tomorrow.

  3. This is so difficult for us as parents. We know it has to be done but we want to storm in kill the people hurting our kids.

    Hang in there, thinking of you.

  4. Ek is nou nou daar, x

  5. Good on you Wouter !!!


  6. Saying a prayer for strength and courage to get through this experience!

  7. Hemel Suzaan, ek is ontsteld soos ek hier sit, hoe moet jy nie voel nie!? Sterkte Vriendin

  8. Lots of love to you today, Suzanne.
    Wishes and prayers for strength.

  9. aw buddy, my heart breaks for you cos i can understand 100 %. there is nothing worse than hearing your child cry and not be able to do anything. you need a mother of the year award.

    big virtual hugs from nz.

  10. (((HUGS))

  11. Hallo Suzanne

    Ek is Duran se Pa. Wil net sê sterkte en ek bid vir julle.


  12. Hi Wouter en Suzanne. ons bid vir julle almal hier van ons kant af. Ek kyk gereeld hier hoe dit gaan, Ons harte gaan uit na julle toe. Se vir Wouter ook Braam en Analie bid vir julle asb. Baie sterkte vir julle!!

  13. I just pirate read here – I didn’t have an onco boy, rather a CP boy – similar issues though with feeding, scans, meds etc. We lived two hours away from the hospital so in the beginning I lived with him in hospital (even had my ironing board set up, my own kettle for coffee and my own duvet…).
    I don’t know how and I surely don’t know why but for some inexplicable reason all these things become normal. All you have to do is hang in there – don’t let anyone ever tell you how you should be doing anything because frankly, they have no clue. Break down hundreds of times a day, punch your pillow, shout at Boeta if he is naughty – to hell with other people’s opinions. You are doing the best you can, and that is so much more than good enough. You just have to hang in there, that is the only thing expected of you. You are an onco mom for now – I was a CP mom at that time – there is no right or wrong way because everyone’s circumstances are different. I just know that although I soooooo hated my circumstances at times, I would do it all again in a heartbeat if it meant I could have my baby back. So…all you do Suzanne is stay afloat. Just keep on paddling water – even poor swimmers make it to the end. Even if I don’t comment, I follow your story. Thinking of you. xxx

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