After Friday I had to get out of hospital and stay out of hospital for a while.  Do you realise that in the last 5 weeks Woutertjie was out of hospital for only 5 days?  Yes, some nights in this time we slept at home, but he (and I) has seen this place just about daily for 5 weeks. 

It is insane.

I am insane.  But that is another story.

After walking out of Panorama on Friday I went to my parents’ (Wouter stayed with Boeta) and got into bed and stayed there until morning.  Carien had a good night (thank you Debbie!) and I thought I felt better when I woke up.  I was awake a whole 20 seconds before I burst into tears again.  My mom then chased me out of the house – she arranged with my sister in Grabouw (about an hour’s drive) and before I could fall apart again Carien and I hit the road.  We spent the day with Lielie, Benno and Ada and returned home to find that Boeta was given “parole” – a temporary discharge.  He was so tired.  He spent most of the time sitting on our laps and they returned to hospital by evening.

On Sunday I didn’t put my feet in the hospital either.  Boeta received another parole and we spent the day at home, not doing much of anything.  Boeta watched DVDs from the couch.  He was still so tired.  We visited Wouter’s brother and his family but Boeta mostly just lay wherever he could find a spot.  He was starting to dehydrate again and they went back to hospital.

I really didn’t want to go back on Monday.  Partly because of the doctors and nurses that supported me on Friday.  Some days I need to not get pampered so that I can get the facade back up.  I managed to burst into tears only once on Monday.  Seeing as how I stopped counting at my 4th panic attack on Saturday I think I did well.

Either way.  I am doing better and Boeta is doing OK.  He is still very weak and has been on TPN (IV feeds) since Friday.  He had to get a peripheral line in his hand because TPN can’t be run through the same line with anything else and Boeta still needs a lot of fluid.  He wasn’t impressed at having to get an “insteker” again.  Not at all.


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  1. You are an amazing mom, you know that?!

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