A different way of looking at things

Last night we had a very much unplanned supper.  So unplanned in fact, that we didn’t even know who we were going to.  I am notoriously bad with names.  I am fairly good with faces, but names … not so much.  Putting a name to a face is one of the few challenges that life throws my way.  Being perfect in every other way I am not sure why I was saddled with this deficiency.

During the amazingly enjoyable visit I complemented Hanlie (a member of our congregation – I know her face 🙂 ) on the toy she got for the children – a magnetic fishing rod and fish.  Boeta has been fishing mad the last week or two.  To my amazement she answered that the Holy Spirit knows what it does – when she decided to buy the fishing set it wasn’t her decision.

It made me think – how often do you listen to that inner voice urging you to do something?

These past months we have been on the receiving end of many such urges.  One day I learned that I had to repay some money to UCT (my employer).  R4200 because they overpaid sick leave and another R760 for some insurance or other because I am still on their books.  The next day a friend called.  She and her husband decided to transfer R5000 to my account.  They didn’t know that I had to repay money and yet they transfered almost exactly the correct amount.

More recently we learned that we had to pay a couple of thousand excess on some medical bills.  I mentioned it to a friend who mentioned it to friends and the next moment we had the exact amount paid into my account.  I don’t think for a moment that we received the exact amount we needed by accident.  So why do I believe that the Holy Spirit “arranged” for this but never consider that other decisions may also be influenced in this way?

This morning I wanted to be at hospital by 10:00.  Yet for some reason I took an extra long shower, took a lot of time dressing the kids and only left my parent’s home (after dropping Carien off) at 10:00.  Two street blocks from the hospital there was a horrible accident.  We came upon it about 10 minutes after it happened – there was already an ambulance parked on the kerb and the one paramedic was jumping out of it with a primed drip bag and tubing* on the way to the other one who was standing next to the wreck.

As I was thinking about this the whole morning I couldn’t help but ask myself if there was a reason for me being late this morning?  I usually hate being late yet it didn’t bother me today.  As I drove past the scene at 10:10 I asked myself if this too was because of the miraculous workings of the Holy Spirit.  I’m not saying that the cars involved in the accident weren’t guided, but if Woutertjie was in accident it would’ve been nasty.  Very nasty.

I’ve spent most of today pondering this.  Now it is your turn.

*Trust me – I know what it looks like by now.


4 Responses

  1. What a timely post — I need to listen to the Holy Spirit more and the rest of the world less.

  2. What a great post. I think we often forget and don’t always listen.

  3. Sjoe, jy kan darem jou vinger so reg op ‘n ding sit.

  4. A friend and I, Stefaan, were on the other side of the unplanned dinner. We actually wanted to go to visit Woutertjie in hospital that night. When we phoned, we heared the good news that he did not have to stay over in hospital. We had more than enough food, so the obvious thing to do was to have a nice dinner together. We did not know each other! But what we had in common, was our relationships with Jesus! Wow! “Strangers” to each other, but yet brothers and sisters in Christ! We had such a good time…. and now WE ARE FAMILY!

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