Long time no chat

I’ve been bad at updating again.  But not because I feel particularly bad at the moment.  Just because.

Woutertjie started with chemo yesterday.  A repeat of the 5 days a week for 2 weeks regime.  The only difference is that we were allowed to go home every night last time and this time Boeta will be in hospital all the time.  I did manage to convince Gerrit that we could sleep at home last night.  I am such a rebel.

Boeta and I spent most of our time in the cafeteria today.  Soon after arriving in hospital he mimed (miming is the new flavour of the hour) that he was thirsty.  For blue cooldrink (Powerade).  And he had to come with to buy it.  Since he was on his chemo drip already I told him that, if he wanted to go, he had to walk.  No wheelchair or being carried (his Hb is 8.4 so he is quite tired again).  He agreed so off we went to the cafeteria.  After buying I started back to the ward but The Boss insisted that we sit at the tables instead.  We sat there, chatting and counting (also a current flavour) for almost an hour and a half. 

By afternoon, when Wouter arrived, we went to “die tafels plek” (the tables place) again to have a “cuff aff tea”.  Boeta had NikNaks with him and as soon as the waiter arrived he started miming how hungry he was for the chips.  But he didn’t want us to open it for him.  We finally persuaded Boeta to say what he wanted and he told the waiter “You must bring a knaaip* (pronounced k-nigh-p) and then you knaaip this broken”.  In other words, “could you bring a pair of sciccors and cut this open, please”.  The waiter, Wouter and I were just about crawling on the floor with laughter.  The good thing about being in hospital as much as we are is that all the staff knows Boeta and actually understand his attempts at a second language.

Carien has also picked up a couple of English words and terms.  This evening when I got home she walked over to me holding her pajama bottoms and said “we done it!”.  In other words, “I looked for it and I found it”.  Someone has been watching too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, where every other sentence is punctuated with Mickey squeeking “We did it”.  Her favourite word is still “bee-oooootiful”.  Mostly used to explain why she is walking around the house with my jewellery or something else that she shouldn’t have but really wants to hold because it is, in fact, beautiful.

Just like she is.


*knaaip – what knip (cut) becomes when you Anglicise it Boeta-style.


5 Responses

  1. julle maak my smile 🙂

  2. Have to say, from this day onwards, we will never snip or cut. Only ‘knaaip’. Soo expressive!

  3. Oh LOL! That sounds like Marlise’s Thomas when he started speaking English 🙂 so cute!

  4. Hope the two weeks go really well and thanks for the laughs!! 🙂

  5. Jy’s lekker lui met updates! Ek’t die een nou al 4 keer gelees. . .kom kom!

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