We are o l d

Exactly a year ago we were walking around at the Varingfees (Fern Festival), our congregation’s very OTT yearly church fundraising event.  It is a weekend of music, art and absolutely no alcohol.  Wouter and I, with 3-year old Boeta and 1-year old Carien walked to the event as it is less than 1km from our house.  The children had so much fun and we had a marvelous time.

Two years ago, 2007, we were attending the first day of the festival too, with Carien aged 3 months bundled up in a sling and Woutertjie staring at everything.

When Wouter and I are deciding on plans we tend to look at each other, mind-read a bit and then make up our minds.  This afternoon as we heard the music starting at the venue we pointedly didn’t look at each other.  Neither of us really felt like leaving our house.  Shock!  Horror!  We are old!

In our defense, Woutertjie was discharged from hospital at lunchtime today.  Cristina and Gerrit both felt that he needed to get out for a bit after his week in hospital.  Especially since we are starting with chemo on Monday again.  And since he dehydrated to quickly last time he will most probably stay in hospital and on fluid for the 2 weeks that the chemo will go on for.  I am including next Saturday and Sunday in my planning as he will probably need to stay in then.

Our house looks like a hurricane came through.  Not that it usually looks that much better, but tonight it I really hope no-one sleepwalks.  I foresee broken bones…  It was a chaotic, hectic, noisy, fabulous afternoon.  Boeta and Carien had so much fun being normal kids.  I’ve forgotten how much energy they have when they are together!

Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  I almost forgot to tell you.  Boeta  l o v e s  shopping.  He particularly loves CapeGate Mall because the underground parking reminds him of the quicktunnels of the Gummi Bears.  I needed to get a couple of things urgently (like nappies for Carien – last night I had to use the last emergency nappy that was hidden in my car) and Boeta and I went to CapeGate as soon as he was discharged.  What would’ve taken me less than an hour to do took 4 hours.  2 hours were spent in ToysRUs where Boeta was deliriously happy.  He looked at, touched and tested everything he could reach and had me hand him the things he couldn’t reach.  And then we walked into the next isle and there were Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  I don’t think Woutertjie breathed for the next 3 minutes.  He was stammering, pointing, staring but not making a lot of sense.  And then he said, reverently:  “Buzz!  Woody!  Julle het verlang na my!”  (Buzz!  Woody!  You missed me!)

He was so excited, he didn’t touch the box that they were in.  He asked me if he could give them a hug, which he did.  Then he pressed every button he could reach and stopped random strangers to show Buzz and Woody to them.  Guess what Santa will have to deliver in a couple of weeks’ time…


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  1. LOL! Baie funny!

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