Biiiiig update

Dear All

We are doing well.


The Grové family


OK, the update is done.  Now I can get to details.

We are doing well.  I managed to pull myself together (eventually) and life is going on.  Woutertjie is still in hospital (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) but there is a faint possibility that we may be discharged tomorrow.  That would give us the weekend at home before chemo starts again on Monday.  Woutertjie still has horrible diarrhoea but he is urinating again.  At one stage he was on 150ml/hour of IV fluid 24 hours a day and then only urinated 40ml for the day.  When he started urinating again (ie when he began to “hold on” to fluid better) they started turning his fluid down and he is now at 80ml/hour.  Maybe, just maybe, he can be weaned off completely by tomorrow.  I can hope.


My brother and his wife‘s baby was born tonight.  Welcome to the world Neil!  He is beautiful and weighed 3.8kg.  Mom and baby are doing well.


Lastly I need all of you to pray for Enrico, the 4-year-old who is receiving treatment with Boeta.  He has neuroblastoma and has been receiving chemo for more than a year already.  A while ago his bone marrow seemed clear and he had an operation to remove the residual tumour tissue from his abdomen.  A week ago his scans were clear of cancer in the abdomen but showed traces in his bone marrow.  They did a bone marrow biopsy and while they were waiting for the results he went for a CT scan.  In the week since his previous scan a tumour measuring 9x8x6cm (or there abouts) appeared in his abdomen.  Please pray for Enrico, his parents and the doctors who have to decide on treatment.  This is not good news.


4 Responses

  1. Sterkte julle, ek weet elke drama van die ander in die hospitaal voel soos jou eie. Bid vir julle almal. Hoop julle naweek is darem rustig voor die volgende week se dinge weer begin. Se vir Wouterjie Sumari wil weet wanneer sy weer vir hom kan kom kuier. Hoop Carien is ook al beter. Lief vir julle xxx

  2. Hope you go home this weekend, and at least have a bit of a break before next week.
    Really hope little Enrico’s results are good

  3. Glad to hear Woutertjie is better. Wishing you a funfilled and relaxing weekend at home. Will keep his little friend in my prayers.
    Love Sxx

  4. I am so glad that Boeta is doing better and hope he can come home the weekend!

    Congrats on becoming an aunty!!!

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