Wheels of fortune

Summer has arrived in Cape Town with a vengence.  One day last week it was 25 degrees Celsius by 08:30.  It peaked at 33C.  Getting into a car that spent the whole day in that kind of heat isn’t pleasant. 

The security staff at Panorama (Alexa Security) have adopted Woutertjie as their own.  He has them wrapped around his finger and they love every moment of it.  By now they also know that he gets very tired from the chemo and since it is quite a walk from the car to the ward I usually have to carry him.  Panorama MediClinic is very short on parking spaces and getting an undercover spot after 08:00 is extremely unlikely.  This morning, as we turned into the hospital grounds, they indicated that I should drive to the covered area.  And this is the sight that met us. 


A parking spot and a wheelchair for “ons Woutertjie” (our Woutertjie).


11 Responses

  1. Wow. This really brought a lump to my throat…. Your little guy is so loved.

  2. That really gave me a smile. You guys touch other’s lives in such special ways…

  3. That is so nice of them.
    He really is a special boy.

  4. Dis so sweet van hulle!
    Woutertjie is so geliefd en maak so groot indruk op so baie mense… al is hy self nog so klein!

  5. Awww. Dis nou nice. 10/10 vir Panorama!

  6. That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!!

  7. That is so very special!! Well done to them 🙂 it made me smile!

  8. That’s what I call impressive!!

  9. Wow, dis wonderlik!!! Dis die klein dingetjies wat so ‘n groot verskil maak!

  10. Awww, that is so cool!

  11. Wow,dit is wonderlik om te weet dat daar tog mense is wat omgee

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