You know you are an oncomom when

1.  You are sitting in the hospital cafeteria with your child.  He starts vomiting.  You simply hold the container for him, make soothing sounds and continue to eat with your other hand.  And it takes a while to realise that there are other people in the vicinity who have now stopped eating…

2.  Your child asks you to draw with him.  He wants you to draw him, as a matter of fact.  You doodle while you are talking to someone else.  When you are done with your subconscious masterpiece the stick drawing looks like this. 


Please note the correct placement of the Broviac and the wheels under the drip stand.  And the lack of hair.

3.  You only realise that the above isn’t normal when someone tells you that it isn’t…

5 Responses

  1. Pragtige prentjie…. en so onskuldig gedetaileerd!
    Hugs, my vriendin!
    Jy is een in ‘n duisend!

  2. Yes, but you were never that in touch with normal to start with… 🙂

  3. Och man 🙂 glad he has a smile on his face still

  4. My son (at age 7) drew a pic of a dog bone with a spot of red – to describe his mom’s illness.

  5. Bianca once drew an outline of herself on a huge piece of paper and when it was time to decorate it she drew her “wiggle” too. 🙂

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