The end of week 37

We are done with week 37 of treatment.  From Monday we have 18 weeks left.

Where has the time gone?  I realised this week that Carien was 1y3m when Woutertjie was diagnosed.  She thinks all brothers have tubes hanging from their chests, have no hair and spend more time in hospital than at home.  Being too young to understand is a blessing.

Wouterman has been such a star this week.  With his Hb in the normal ranges (11.1) he turned into our son again.  Calm, understanding, patient.  Everything that he isn’t when his Hb drops.  Today Cristina came by to check on him during his chemo.  The conversation went like this:

S:  His Hb is dropping – his moods are rollercoaster-ing again.

C:  (strictly)  He is allowed.  He is receiving chemo.

Don’t mess with Cristina’s children.  🙂

Carien has become such a little lady.  She undresses herself all the time, telling me that her clothes are wet (never dirty – not her clothes) and then she insists on putting on a different outfit.  She hoards pretty things like a magpie.  Jewellery and ribbons are her favourites.  She walks around with a pink, sparkly handbag stuffed with her treasures.  Usually that includes a panty as well.  I’ve stopped wondering about that one.

The past weekend she decided that she wanted to see what was going on on top of the braai (barbeque) grid.  She intended pulling herself up but fortunately got burned before she made good contact so she let go.  Blessings in disguise.  The spot turned chalk white immediately.  A sure indication of a deep burn.  We rushed her off to the kitchen and while I was running cold water over the burn she cried and cried and then looked up and declared “Ekke klaa gehuil” (I am done crying).  So off she went.  I had to catch her first before I could dress the burn.  It is now a week later and she still wears a substantial bandage.  The blister is the size of a man-with-large-hands’ thumbnail.  It reaches from the base of her little finger about halfway down her hand.  It is a big one.  At the moment I am just trying to keep it closed for as long as possible.  She is so rough I don’t think it will last much longer.

Aren’t children amazing?  The last time I burnt my hand it was a tiny spot and I felt sorry for myself for days.  Adults are wimps.  Well, this adult is.


One Response

  1. Giegie, lekker gelag.

    Wens ons kon nog dinge so in ons stride vat! Jy is in goeie geselskap, Mev. Wimp.

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