Week 37. Scan week.

Today we started with chemo again.  Four hours a day, Monday to Friday.  But at least we go home every evening.  And it goes without saying that 4 hours of chemo takes more like 6 hours of hospital time.  At least.

This morning on my way home from gym (the only hour of the day that is mine and mine alone) I got a call from Nicci, the nurse that assisted with all Boeta’s anaesthesia.  The scanner was back online and I had to choose a date and time for the CT.  Today at 15:00, Thursday or Friday.  I very nearly chose Thursday or Friday but then decided to get it out of the way. 

We got to hospital, started the chemo and Woutertjie watched movies on my laptop.  His DVD player has given up the ghost so he has disowned me.  The joys of motherhood, I suppose.  At 12:00 he started complaining that he was hungry.  He had to be nil-per-mouth for 6 hours before the anaesthetic so it turned out to be a very long afternoon.

Our favourite anaethetist in the whole world, Elizna Basson, took care of him again.  She had quite a time getting him under – his liver is hyperactive from having to deal with chemo all the time and he clear the anaesthetic in record time.  He chose gas instead of the “wikkel medisyne” (wiggle medicine) but it was a mistake.  He just wouldn’t go under.  You could see his eyes glaze over but then he would pull himself together and wake up again.  Eventually the gas flow was turned all the way up and we had to hold him down to get him under.  And even then, when they wanted to put a drip in, he pulled his arm away… *shock*

Elizna told me afterwards that really had to pull out all the stops to keep him under.  For the CT they need him to stop breathing.  They then control his breathing so he doesn’t move during the scan.  She predicted that he would sleep for about 2 hours afterwards – she gave him that much stuff.  Hah!  Before we got to the room he was upright and another 2 minutes later he was eating NikNaks.  Stok chippies.  I phoned Elizna to tell her.  She said a nasty word. 😀

The scan shows absolutely no traces of cancer – thank you God!  He has some fluid in his heart sac (the pericardium) and his lungs are “flat” at the bottom but it is to be expected following his recent pneumonia episode.  So good news all around.

Wouter told me tonight that Boeta wanted to pray by himself last night.  The first time ever.  It was a simple prayer and it had me in tears to hear about it. 

“Liewe Jesus, maak my ‘seblief gesond dat die krokkenoster nie meer vir my siek maak nie.”

(Dear Jesus, please make me healthy so that the krokkenoster doesn’t make me sick anymore.)


8 Responses

  1. Ek is so, so bly dat daar geen teken van die kanker is nie. Prys God! Eer aan ons Almagtige Vader!

  2. Die gebedjie het ons ook in trane. Sterkte vir die chemo tye. Ons dink heeltyd aan julle.xxxxx

  3. OMW Suzanne what a heart-wrenching post. Excellent news about the scan, but that prayer is too much.

    Boeta those prayers are being heard boy. Stay strong.

    Ons dink aan julle altyd!

  4. That’s GOOD news! Now just this chemo to get through!
    Hang in there!

  5. Excellent news …..

  6. So ongelooflik, die eenvoud van n kindergebedtjie. 🙂

  7. SOOOOOO bly geen teken van kanker nie! Ons bid aan die kant dat Wouter gou binnekort ‘n gesonde, sorgelose seuntjie sal wees. STERKTE vir die chemo!!

  8. Praise Our Lord! So so happy for you all, and we continue to stand firm in faith believing Wouter will remain to have no evidence of disease forever and always, God Bless and prayers always!!! Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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