The long version

I’ve been uncommunicative again.  It is strange.  Some days I can’t wait to write the update and tell you all about everything.  And then some other days I simply have nothing to say.  I have a lot of things to tell you, but the words stay away.  So I sit in front of the computer and do many things except write.  I’ve decided to embrace my quiet days and not feel too guilty about it.

So here is the update since Thursday, the last day that I felt like writing.

Thursday my mom, the kids and I drove to Grabouw (about an hour from home) to visit my sister and her family.  They live on a farm there and their son is 3 months younger than Carien.  The 3 cousins adore one another.  It was so nice to just get away from home for a bit, even if it was only for a couple of hours.

At 16:40 that afternoon Gerrit saw Boeta to determine if he was OK for anaesthetic on Friday.  His lungs were fine, so Gerrit phoned Elizna, the anaethetist, to confirm.  He phoned Ilse, the physio, to arrange for a last treatment right before the scan.  He phoned the scan people to confirm the time.  And was told that the CT machine broke about an hour earlier.  So he cancelled Elizna.  And he cancelled Ilse.  And we went home for a quiet weekend at home.

Cristina saw Woutertjie on Friday afternoon.  She hasn’t seen him in about a month (our rest weeks and her away time).  She is very satisfied with him.  He still has absolutely no reflexes in his legs but his walking is OK and he charmed her skin off her!  I’ve forgotten what an easy going child he is when his blood levels are normal.  He suddenly has manners again.  He picks up his toys without being told.  He didn’t do that before he was diagnosed.  I really like whatever they put in his last drip… 

Waiting in the oncology treatment facility where Cristina saw all her children it was shocking to notice the difference between the adult cancer patients and the children.  The adults were sitting there with morbid faces and the children were running around and charming the staff.  The children were laughing.  The adults weren’t.  I can’t help but wonder what the difference in survival rates are between the adults who laughed with and at the children compared to those who didn’t. 

The rest of the weekend we did as little as possible and did it with a vengeance.  This morning my baby sister came over and made us breakfast.  I love being able to sit back in my own home without feeling guilty.  It was divine.

Woutertjie rediscovered his appetite since Friday.  He’s been eating non-stop.  At one stage I found him crying heart-wrenchingly.  He explained that his heart was sore because he was Very Hungry.  He managed to pronounce the capital letters and the italics.  Seeh – ri – ass. ;-D

Either way, he is starting with chemo on Monday.  Tomorrow.  And then we will be in week 37 of treatment with 19 weeks left.  I am counting the days.


4 Responses

  1. Goeie middag!
    Hoop vandag het sommer baie goed verloop en dat Boeta nie weer so vreeslik siek gaan word nie. Mag jul laaste 19 weke vinniger verby gaan as wat jul gedink het.
    Sterkte vir al jul uitdagings.
    Julle bly in my gebede sowel as my gedagtes – elke dag!

  2. Haha! Seriously, feed the child! 🙂 love u

  3. sterkte vriendin

  4. So bly oor Woutertjie se eetlus! BAIE sterkte! Dink so baie aan julle…

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