Goal: second week of March

Cristina returned today – welcome back Tannie ‘Stina!  She didn’t see Boeta but based on Gerrit and my reports she decided that it would be better to allow him another week to get completely over his lung issues.  Gerrit agrees, so once again I am blessed with not having to choose between differing advice.  And that is a huge blessing.

I am jittery – if he starts with his next chemo on Monday it means that he hasn’t received treatment for a month.  A whole month.  It is freaking me out.  But Cristina told me to get a grip, so a grip I will get.  I love that woman.  She doesn’t take crap from anyone and definitely not from me.  In other words, she is exactly what I need!  The two extra rest weeks also mean that the end date for Boeta’s treatment is now the second week of March.  If everything went exactly according to plan it would’ve been the end of January.

On that topic, I submitted my letter of resignation last week.  I kept on hoping that there would be some way for me to be able to hang onto my job but it became very obvious that returning to UCT wasn’t meant to be.  So now I am officially unemployed from 31 December 2009.  I’ve been on unpaid leave most of this year so I technically I was still employed.  I’ve decided that I will call myself a self-employed biochemist from now on.

Woutertjie is still shockingly thin.  He just won’t gain any weight.  He is 16 kg at the moment, which is better than the 14.5kg that he was at one stage but a lot worse than the 19kg that he was a month ago.


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  1. My word, he’s done well with the chemo he has had. Hope the treatment startson Monday as planned

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