“We aren’t going to be in hospital on Wednesday, Thursday and the weekend”

Yeah right.

I didn’t see the inside of Panorama MediClinic on Wednesday.  That much is true.  And since Boeta had fever on Thursday and had his bloods done we didn’t go in for blood counts on Friday.  So I can still live with the fact that we just swopped Thursday and Friday.  But now Woutertjie is spending the weekend in hospital.

He was definitely dehydrated when they (W & w) got to hospital and he was put on a saline drip to start correcting it.  They also took a nasal aspirate (ie sucked mucous from his nose) to test for viral infection and drew blood to check his counts, his CRP level (an infection marker) and his metabolite profile.  The bloods look totally weird for him.  His Hb is 13-odd and platelets 200-odd.  Both perfectly normal.  His white cells (that had to be kicked back into existance 2 weeks ago) are now elevated (17 – normal is below 15) indicating that his body is fighting some infection.  His CRP is 11 (normal is below 5) so there is definitely something brewing.  I just really really hope his immune system stands up to the challenge and sorts it out chop chop.  He is supposed to start with chemo on Monday.  The day after tomorrow…

Wouter is staying with Woutertjie tonight.  They are treating the nausea and dehydration symptomatically and I really hope we can go home tomorrow.


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