There was a reason after all

At this exact moment we were supposed to be lazing the day away on a farm about 90 minutes from Cape Town.  Instead we are cleaning up after Woutertjie’s 5th vomiting spell since last night.  At one stage in the early morning hours he was vomiting while he was fast asleep.

Gerrit (de Villiers) and Jonda (Kerner) are both off duty this weekend and the paediatrician on duty isn’t involved with the oncology kids.  Cristina is out of the country at the moment.  So I had to do the unthinkable for the second weekend in a row and phone Gerrit while he was off-duty.  This time I interupted his Argus training (the largest timed bicycle event in the world).  And still he didn’t tell me to be less paranoid and phone him on Monday.  But then, by now he knows that I don’t phone unless I am really concerned.  There are many angels in this world and Gerrit is one of them.

It is now 10:00.  Gerrit said he will “make arrangements” and let us know.  The concern at the moment is that Woutertjie may be (is) dehydrating and that he hasn’t taken his oral antibiotics last night or this morning.  So much for a quiet weekend at home.


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  1. Hmm, julle moet maar die tent saamvat hospitaal toe klink dit my. sterkte.

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