Fever update

If it wasn’t that Boeta had white cells at the moment (thank you GCSF!) we would’ve been in hospital again.  As it is Gerrit prescribed oral antibiotics and we are home.

His lungs are still the problem.  He coughs until he is nauseous.  Poor little baby. 

As I’ve made abundantly clear previously, Gerrit is a family favourite in our home.  He slipped a couple of notches yesterday.  René (Winé’s mom) invited us to spend the weekend with them on their farm near Robertson.  I begged and pleaded but Gerrit says it is too far and with Boeta being under the weather we can’t go.  I feel like a teenager who got grounded.

The funny bit is that we don’t go anywhere anyway when Boeta isn’t feeling well.  We prefer being close to the hospital.  So why did I beg and plead if we wouldn’t have gone anyway?  Who knows.  I don’t know.  But by now you should know that I’m one sandwich short of a picnic basket (as I was told recently 😉 ).


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  1. Giegie. My ou piekniekmandjie vriendin. Geniet nou maar die naweek tuis. Kampeer in die tuin. Braai marshmellows.

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