Wouter and I loved going to the movies before we had children.  Since Boeta was born it became a luxury we get to experience way too seldom.

A couple of months ago we were invited to see Ice Age 3 in 3D as part of a Bioter Health event.  We weren’t supposed to be invited, but thanks to Gerrit, Stephanie (his receptionist) and Tania (the Bioter rep) we were on the guest list.

It was the first time that we took the children to the movies.  Boeta’s blood results were OKish at that stage so I packed a calamity bag and we sat in the front row.  If he was going to vomit, at least we would have a bag handy and it wouldn’t be on the person sitting in the next row.  Since fortune favours the prepared he didn’t even hiccough that evening.

At the moment Woutertjie’s white cell count is the highest it has been in months.  It is a roaring 7.1 and his Hb is 11ish.  Moral of the story?  He is feeling well and I booked tickets to see Up.  Boeta loved it.  And Carien stayed awake straight through!  That is something of a record.

We only got home at 22:00 and both of them feel asleep before they hit the pillows.  Carien is notorious for only falling asleep when she is gripping onto me with both hands.  Tonight Wouter carried her in from the car, put her on the bed, removed her top, changed her nappy and she didn’t stir once.  It is now 23:30 and she hasn’t so much as whimpered since hitting the bed!


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  1. UP was a great movie! Sometimes I think my life sucks, and when I read your posts, I realise just how much I have to be utterly thankful for.

    Huge hugs to you guys (again).

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