Happy dance time!

We are home!  After 11 days in hospital Boeta was discharged today.  He left the hospital wearing his new Thomas the Tank Engine gown that Tania gave.  He looked edible!

Carien is doing a lot better today.  She had her second dose of Rocephin and handled the drip like a pro.  It helps that she probably can’t remember a time that Boeta didn’t have drips going. 😉

Now I am going to fall into bed.  I am paste.

And then tomorrow I am taking Carien for her last dose of Rocephin.  On paper we should then stay out of hospital on Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday Boeta is getting bloods done again and on Monday he will start with the chemo that was supposed to start today.


6 Responses

  1. So pleased you are out. Hope you get to sleep well

  2. Ai, ek is dankbaar julle is minstens by die huis. Kan julle nie vir Boeta ‘n week ruskans gee nie? Sy gestel gaan dit nie hou nie.

  3. So bly Wouter is tuis! Sterkte met Carien wat ook siek is. Julle bly in my gedagtes.
    Tania Visagie

  4. Yeah!!!

  5. Fab news!! Hope the chemo starts this time!

  6. Good news. You are doing fantastically well so give yourself a pat on the back , make a cup of tea and relax for a little while to regroup and build up stregnth.

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