Uhmmmm. Uhmmmm. Uhmmmm

Yup, I am still uhmmmming.  If I stop I may just confront reality and that is out of the question.  I’ve disowned reality a long time ago.  I prefer to live in my version of it.  Let me tell you why.

In my version Carien doesn’t have bronchitis.  Therefore she doesn’t have to take antibiotics.  Since she spits medicine across the room in the real reality my version is just so much less messy.

In my version Boeta wasn’t diagnosed with pneumonia today.  In my reality we were going to go home today.  In the real reality we are probably going to stay in hospital until next week.

In my reality my insurance company didn’t take 3 weeks to process my income insurance claim.  In my version of reality I have more than R58 in my account today, the last day of the month.  Tomorrow my debit orders are going off and I am going to have to bat my eyelashes at Wouter in an attempt to get him to transfer money to my account.  We aren’t hung up on who pays for what but it isn’t nice having to rely on him to pay for my telephone, etc.  I don’t know what I am going to do when I am a “proper” housewife next year with no income.

See?  My reality is so much more fun.

You know what the strange thing is?  I am as calm as a newborn after feeding time.  And burping time.  And cramping time.

On second thoughts, I am calmer than a newborn.

Life is good.