Dit dan dit

I am quoting Lize Beekman again. (The subject translates to “this then that”.)

When I look  with a logical eye at our current circumstances I know that it is heavy going.  And yet I feel calm, collected and very zen. (I say uhm a lot -that could mean that I am slow, but I prefer to think it means that I am calm and collected.  I’ll pass on the orange robes and baldness though.  And I am scared of heights so the levitation won’t work either.)

Boeta has been in hospital since Friday, so this is our 5th day.  He is very phlegmy and the constant post-nasal drip makes him nauseous.  He eats a spoonful and then vomits it out after a big coughing spell.  Gerrit has decided to start him on TPN (nutrition via a drip) again.  I think it will do him good.

Feverwise Boeta is also doing OK.  It is mostly normal but occassionally goes into the 38C range.  On the down side, the persistent fever could mean that his Broviac is infected.  He is already on 3 types of antibiotics (Piptaz, amikacin, vancomycin) and tonight they added diflucan too.  The nutritionist says his liver counts are slightly off.  With everything that gets pumped into his little body, no wonder.

He received a Thomas the Tank Engine “gift pack” from England today.  One of the children being treated at Panorama is Justin (6m old).  He was diagnosed with liver cancer (hepatoblastoma) at 3 months old and is doing exceptionally well.  His mother, Tania, arranged for him to receive a goodie bag with Thomas clothing, sweets and other stuff.  Most important of all, in Boeta’s estimation, is the Thomas whistle.  It is a train-shaped wooden whistle that sounds like Thomas’ whistle.  The whole oncology ward could hear “Thomas” starting and stopping the whole day long.

He received his 4th GCSF booster injection today.  I am amazed at how well he took it.  He complained a bit, but mostly held his leg to get it done.  Mostly…

So in short, Boeta is getting better.

Carien on the other hand is not so well.  She has bronchitis.  Fortunately only mildly.  She’s had a cough for a few days now but this morning my mom phoned to say that she has a fever of 38.5C.  Gerrit thought it best to see her, just in case she had something that Boeta could later catch from her.  Wouter is my favourite man in the world ever.  But he is facing stiff competition from Gerrit.  Gerrit is very high on my favourites list.  Partly because he told me that Carien is beautiful and partly because he squeezed her in today and with any luck she may be over the worst before Boeta can come home.  Because if she is still sick when Boeta can be discharged, Boeta will not be discharged.  There is no way to keep them apart at home and if there is a risk of infection it is better to have them in seperate buildings 15km from each other.

In other news.  I am watching a woman who shouldn’t sing, sing.  It is painful.  SABC3 please get her off the box. 

I am now going to pack it up.  Wouter is giving me all sorts of grief from the side.  He thinks that I am a basket case.  I think I agree. 

W:  If it makes you feel better, you are a picnic basket.

Speak to the hand, my dear husband, speak to the hand.


6 Responses

  1. A lovely picnic basket filled with wine and strawberries
    Sending loads of get well wishes for both your little people. And hugs for you and W

  2. Suzanne, jy was al jaaare gelede 3 snye brood duskant ‘n piekniek mandjie . Kan net indink nou. 🙂

    Sterkte Vriendin.

  3. I really hope both W & C are all better soon, and you get to go back home.

  4. Hoop Woutertjie kan gou ontslaan word! Dink aan julle!!!

  5. My vriendin Tania Visagie het vertel van Wouter. Ons bid vir julle almal. Mag Wouter spoedig terug wees by die huis!

  6. Wouter en Suzanne,
    ‘n Storie soos julle s’n laat ‘n mens met ‘n skok besef hoeveel jy het om voor dankbaar te wees – en dan is ‘n mens soms so ONdankbaar vir die klein voorregte van die lewe. Elke mens met kinders sal hom of haarself in jul stryd kan inleef, al verstaan ons nie hoe erg dit moet wees om binne-in die oog van die storm te leef nie. Ons kan net vertrou dat ons gebede iets vir julle sal beteken. Ons dink aan julle al ken ons julle nie.
    (Tania Visagie se suster)

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