Making up my mind

Should I write an optimistic piece tonight or a contemplative one?

Should I tell you about how much better Boeta is or about how sick he still is?

Should I explain that I am feeling a lot better than last week or should I forget that I feel better and wrap myself up in self pity?

I don’t know either.

On the one hand I am feeling calm, centred and in control.  On the other hand I want to cry myself to sleep.  I don’t get it.  How can I be both happy and sad?  And I really am in a good place at the moment.  Why do I confuse the issue by thinking too much and depressing myself?

I just don’t know.


2 Responses

  1. Want elke mens het ‘n paar persone in hom. Op jou vel sit nou iemand wat in beheer voel. Alles is binne, alles is reg. Maar in jou bene sit een wat uit die vel wil breek. Wat wil skreeu en die tralies van die hok skud. Wat nie langer die vel wil duld nie.

    Maak die vel maar sterker Suzanne. Die beenmens sal mettertyd tot bedaring kom. Moenie hom laat uitbreek nie.

  2. You are such an inspiring women!!! I really admire you! You are in my thoughts!

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