Saturday Night Fever

It is Saturday, it is night and Boeta has fever.

Welcome to our type of weekend.

This morning we had a reunion of the extended family of my grandmother on my mother’s side.  The Cillié troops pitched up in droves.  It was interesting to meet my mother’s cousins for the first time.

Wouter stayed with Boeta in hospital.  While Carien and I were reunifying ( 😉 ) he phoned to tell me that Boeta was getting another red cell transfusion as his Hb was 7.0 today from 7.4 yesterday.  In other words, it went down even after he received a transfusion.  It is very good that he got blood yesterday otherwise we would’ve had a huge problem today.  His platelets are OK now but his white cells are still on holiday.  He started with GCSF injections again today.

But all of that is still managable.  The problem is that his fever is getting worse.  It responds well to Panado (or the IV version, Perfalgan) and Ponstan, provided we can get him to take it.  Unfortunately, before his is due for his next dose the fever starts up again.  This afternoon it spiked to 40.5 degrees.

Added to all of this, Boeta has a nasty cough and is constantly nauseous. 

I suspected that we might end up in hospital by now but I didn’t count on Boeta being this sick.