OK, OK, I didn’t update on Wednesday

And I didn’t update yesterday either.  But I can explain!  Promise!

Wednesday just didn’t happen.  We went for after-work coffee at my brother’s.  His wife is 8 months pregnant with their first child.  It turned into a braai and a very late night.  By the time we got home it was Thursday already.

Yesterday my uncle got married.  For those outside South Africa, it was a public holiday.  Since Woutertjie is neutropenic he stayed with Neels and Verna and most importantly, Hanré.  During this year they too have learned everything about germs and immunity and chemo.  So they were a logical choice since everyone of my family went to the wedding.  Boeta was so excited!  Carien was very upset that she couldn’t stay there too…  It was a wonderfully beautiful wedding.  I will post a picture if I manage to get hold of one.

Yesterday at 16:00 Boeta wanted to have a nap.  We didn’t think a lot of it since he usually naps every day.  We started raising eyebrows when it became time for us to get to bed and he still slept…

Wouter shared our bed with Boeta.  Carien and I slept in Boeta’s room.  He has been very nauseous since his last chemo.  He has had a cold (rhinovirus) for the last 10 days or so and the resulting post-nasal drip definitely adds to the nausea.  On Thursday morning he blessed Wouter with an early morning earful of vomit.  That is what happens when you sleep with your chemo-child and he doesn’t manage to reach across you when the urge overtakes him…  It is a very good thing that Wouter’s hair is shaved off.  This way he could wipe himself down and get it over with.  Can you imagine having to wash that mix from your hair?  Grrrrr.

Either way, his carpet took the brunt of the abuse and still had an overwhelming aroma of Eau de Chemo.  We didn’t want Boeta to sleep in the room with the windows wide open so the guys got our room and Carien and I cuddled up on Boeta’s bed.

This morning at 07:30 Boeta woke up and promptly decorated our bed and carpet in a similar way…

After giving him a Zofran I asked what I could do to make him feel better.

B:  Let’s choose – do I want milk or do I want to go to the tannies (literally, the aunties).

S:  Boeta, let’s choose.  Do you want to have some milk or do you want to go to the tannies?

B:  I want to go to the tannies and then they have to look at my blood and give me medicine to make me feel better.

When your child sleeps more than 15 hours straight and then asks to go to hospital, you take him.

Gerrit saw Boeta, did a general check and sent us for blood counts, as I knew he would.  We agreed that Boeta would need red cells even before we saw any results.  Looking at how tired he was it was easy to guess.

Sharon drew the bloods and we went home.  About 30 minutes later Gerrit phoned with the results.  I don’t think we’ve ever received it this fast.

Hb  7.4

white cells  0.08

platelets  3.7

Yes, I triple checked and I typed correctly. 

Since we are VIPs at Panorama (or act like we are) I phoned the admissions desk and asked them to do the admission so long.  They can’t order blood without an admission number.  Thank you Lezanne – you really made it easier for us.  When we got the call that the blood was on its way we drove to hospital and as we walked in Lezanne waved me over, I signed and off we went.

They started with the platelet transfusion as that is the more life threatening condition.  Just before they started I noticed that Boeta was warm to the touch and hey presto!  He was running a fever of 38.7.  So instead of staying overnight for transfusions and then going home, he now has to stay until the fever is history.

I spoke to both Gerrit and Cristina tonight.  As soon as the transfusions finish he will start on all sorts of antibiotics while we wait for the results of the blood culture. 

Moral of the story?  There is no way that we are spending this weekend at home.  But we expected as much and we will deal with it.


2 Responses

  1. Oi 😦 Really hope he gets home soon.

  2. See, I knew something was up. Suzanne bid vir julle almal. Hoop hy is gou gesond en dat julle krag sal kry.

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