Week 35 – 21 to go

Today was one of those weird ones.  A couple of nice things happened, lots of not so nice things happened, but my overwhelming feeling when I think about today is peace.  So I think I am going to label it as a nice day.

Boeta and I made the weekly trek to the hospital for a full blood count today.  His counts were done on Wednesday last week and it was OK.  Today not so much.  His Hb is 8.6, white cells 0.5 (neutrofils 0.27) and platelets 70.  In other words, all of them are low.  From experience I expected everything to drop this week but I didn’t expect the white cells to take such a knock.  This is very inconsiderate.  We have a very social week and weekend ahead of us and this does not fit in with the plans.  Do you think I could appeal to someone?  Just don’t say I should take it up with Cristina or Gerrit.  Gerrit will give me The Look and Cristina will have to take “two Panado and a glass of wine”.  For the shock, see. 

I laughed so much this morning.  I bought some summer clothes for Carien.  She got hold of it and walked into our room holding a lime green pair of shorts.  She held it up for me to see and said “Mamma!  Sussie bjoek!  Ag beee-aaa-uuu-tiful!”  Take a guess what her mommy’s new favourite exclamation is?  She is such a girl.

Boeta is in a foul mood.  The combination of adapting to life at home and falling blood levels aren’t doing him any favours.  Carien is constantly finding herself on the wrong side of his temper.  But not to be outdone she has started to retaliate.  I am officially the UN in the middle of a war.  Spare a thought for my (already strained) sanity.


3 Responses

  1. Sterkte Vriendin. Klink darem of jy bietjie beter voel.

  2. Herewith a spared thought, xx

  3. I’ve got no words….. Just praying for His comfort for you and your family. Stay strong girl, I’m proud of you….(even though we’ve never met). Hope you are feeling better. Lots of love xxx

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