I am NOT doing this anymore!  Boeta is having his usual problems adapting to life at home after a long hospital stay.  Carien is adapting to having him around after a long hospital stay.  I am going to go out of my mind soon.

Wouter and I went to church this morning.  It was exactly what Wouter needed.  For me it was a bit more than I needed.  I am so tired.  As soon as people greeted us after the service asking how we are doing, I burst into tears.  Not tears of sadness.  Just tears of over-tiredness.  Now I really know what babies feel like.  And I didn’t even feel self-conscious about crying in public.  I am too tired to care.

I am shocked at how much weight Boeta lost this week.  He started at 18.8kg.  I suspect he is below 18kg now.  Will weigh him tomorrow when we go for bloods.  His face was nicely rounded when we went in.  Now it is gaunt.  He looks breakable.  And he is still not eating.

And tomorrow we are in hospital again.