Week 34 – Day 2

I’ve been trying very hard to think of some topic to write about.  Something that doesn’t include the words “blood count”, “Vincristine”, “doing well” and all the other usual update words.

But I can’t think of anything to write.  So now I am writing a post about not using those words.

Before my (OK, our) children were born I used to be feel quite superior to new moms who could only talk baby-things.  Nappies, burps, baths.  I mean, really, who cares?  Turns out, I do.  I joined the NBB (nappies, burbs and baths) club in a big way.  And I felt quite superior to the childless people who didn’t know the pleasure of having children.  Until I returned to work.  Suddenly I had to find other topics of conversation and I couldn’t think of anything.  The only thing on my mind was NBB.  I wished so hard that other thoughts would make their way into my head.  Maybe because of my general hard-headedness it took a long time for other thoughts to make their way through my skull.

Now I am an oncomom.  The only conversation topics that pop into my head are oncology related.  Blood results.  Chemo drugs.  Hospital stays.  Weight fluctuations.  And I feel quite superior.  Until I get somewhere where people don’t know about our situation and I try to join the conversation.  I have to stop myself from dragging cancer-talk in everywhere.  Trying to think up non-cancer blogging topics are challenging in a way that non-NBB topics never were.  At least most people get to go through the NBB stage.  Very few go through the oncomom stage. 

Here is my bright idea for the day:  Post a topic for me to wax lyrical about in the comments section.  And then I will do my humble best to … well, wax lyrical about it.