What a nice day

Today was, as far as contributing to the human race goes, a big round zero.  I did nothing to deserve the oxygen I breathe.  It was good.

The children and I went to visit Annie and Graham (1y).  Annie, being organised as always, set up an outside tea party.  It was a very nice day in Cape Town and it was so nice to sit back and drink tea while the children entertained themselves.

It became a bit of a health hazard for us when the kids decided to attack us with the balls from the ball-pit.  Those balls pack quite a punch!  😀

Woutertjie is doing well.  I have to admit that Cristina was right in granting him a rest week.  Emotionally he is getting a lot stronger and that will make next week (in hospital) a lot easier.

Remind me to tell you about my new modem.  But now I am going to fall into bed.  Doing nothing is utterly exhausting.


3 Responses

  1. Aaaah, tee partytjie? Yay! Fun fun fun! Ek wonder steeds hoe of waar ma my en lielie se modderkoekies weggesteek/weggegooi het, want sover my 3jarige oè kon sien het sy dit met smaak geeet. Nom nom nom. Mis julle!

  2. Ooh tell me about the new modem. I’m so happy you had such a wonderful day today!

  3. I’ve never commented before, but just wanted to say I find your bloggs sooooo inspiring. Always put a smile on my face (even tough it may sometimes be mixed with a tear). God bless you and your little family. Praying for you all. Love Sxxx

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