What a nice day

Today was, as far as contributing to the human race goes, a big round zero.  I did nothing to deserve the oxygen I breathe.  It was good.

The children and I went to visit Annie and Graham (1y).  Annie, being organised as always, set up an outside tea party.  It was a very nice day in Cape Town and it was so nice to sit back and drink tea while the children entertained themselves.

It became a bit of a health hazard for us when the kids decided to attack us with the balls from the ball-pit.  Those balls pack quite a punch!  😀

Woutertjie is doing well.  I have to admit that Cristina was right in granting him a rest week.  Emotionally he is getting a lot stronger and that will make next week (in hospital) a lot easier.

Remind me to tell you about my new modem.  But now I am going to fall into bed.  Doing nothing is utterly exhausting.